Covid-19 Office Updates

Effective: 06/02/2020, New Telephone Office Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 07:30AM-12:00 & 1:00-4:00PM (Phones on Voicemail 12:00PM-1:00PM Mon-Fri)
  • During After Hours, Exchange Service is available for Urgent Matters. Emergency, call 911.
  • Phone Messages Left after 4:00PM Mon-Fri, will be attempted to be returned by the Next business day.

May 19, 2020: Dr. Dore would like to thank all the patients who participated in the Virtual Arthritis Walk on Saturday May 16. Thank you to all our very generous patients especially in these very difficult times who again have helped Team Dore be the number one walk team in the nation. To share our joy, Dr. Dore would appreciate it if any of those who participated in the virtual walk and took photos would be able to forward them to ( so that they can be posted on the portal and forwarded to the Arthritis Foundation so they can see how Team Dore was able to thrive even during these difficult times during which many patients have been furloughed, laid off, lost their insurance and visited with Dr. Dore through TeleHealth rather than in person.

For those of our patients who have lost their insurance, most of the pharmaceutical companies have programs that offer free medications to these patients. Please go to your medication website and click on the link such as Patient Assistance. If you need further help, please contact the office and we can provide further information.

As promised a few weeks ago, Dr. Dore stated that she would provide a further update on the information when available about the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19. It is very clear from evidence-based studies that hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) does not prevent a patient from getting a Covid-19 infection. Nor does it prevent death in patients who have a severe manifestation of Covid-19 infection. Studies are still being performed to determine if hydroxychloroquine prevents a person who has a mild Covid-19 infection from developing moderate or severe disease. Once data is available from these studies, Dr. Dore will update the portal. Also, many of our patients have stopped taking hydroxychloroquine due to the fear of side effects primarily cardiac. The cardiac side effects that have been seen with hydroxycholoroquine when being used to treat Covid-19 have occurred when a dose of 800mg daily was used (the dose our patients take varies from 50-600mg), many of these patients also were treated with azithromycin, an antibiotic that by itself is known to cause abnormal cardiac rhythms, and most of the Covid-19 patients also have cardiac disease caused by the virus so what is reported in the news does not apply to the majority of our patients. Dr. Dore has prescribed hydroxychloroquine for over 33,000 patients and has had only 2 patients who developed severe cardiac toxicity so please before you stop your hydroxychloroquine or decrease the dose, please check with Dr. Dore.

Finally, an update on the office opening. Dr. Dore’s physician (as you know she has lifelong asthma) has advised her that she can only see patients in the office if she uses a full-face shield and wears a protective gown when examining patients. These supplies should arrive by May 28. After that date, all of the staff will be wearing scrubs (including Dr. Dore) so that we can change clothes before returning to our homes at night, all staff with direct patient contact will be wearing eye protectors like a painter wears, a surgical mask and gloves. All surfaces will be sanitized in between patients. The California Medical Association has recommended that until there is an adequate treatment or a vaccine, that most of the patients still be seen by TeleHealth with in-office visits limited to patients who need joint injections, don’t have access to TeleHealth or have a strong need (desire) to see Dr. Dore. No more than 2 patients will be seen per hour and you will check in from your car by calling 714-264-4466 and Pilar will notify you when you can come into the office. Your temperature will be taken downstairs at a temperature station and you will bring a sheet up to the office with your temperature on it. The temperature will be taken with an infra-red thermometer so there is no contact. If you have a temperature over 100 degrees, you will not be allowed to come into the office. If you have symptoms of an infection, please cancel and reschedule your appointment or make a TeleHealth appointment instead. If you will not wear a mask, you also will not be able to enter the office; we have masks to offer you if you do not have one on. You may not be accompanied into the office unless you need the assistance of a caregiver and that person will need to have their temperature taken as well. The front door will be open, so you do not have to open it. Pilar’s workstation will be surrounded by Plexiglass and Lynette will take the rest of your vital signs, review your history and draw any necessary labs and then Dr. Dore will come into the exam room for the visit. Lynette will then go on to the next patient so that she will not be going back and forth between patients. After your visit with Dr. Dore, you will exit through the back door that will also be open. Pilar will call you the next day to schedule your follow-up appointment; we are aiming to have a “touch-free” office. If you have any questions about our office policies, please contact the office. Our goal is to have a safe environment for both patients and staff and to be able to continue to provide care for you whether it is in the office, on the phone, on the portal, on FaceTime or We are here for your rheumatology needs.

Stay well and healthy please. Dr. Dore

Effective 03/23/2020: Even though Dr. Dore is not physically in the office she and the staff are here to meet your needs. Currently, one of the staff will physically be in the office daily. If you need labs drawn or an anti-inflammatory injection, Lynette will be available from 12-4 PM Monday through Friday until further notice; please contact the office ahead of time to schedule an appointment with her. Pilar will be in the office physically from 7:30-11:30 to answer your calls, to help complete prior authorization forms and to give you samples if needed. If you come to the office, please knock on the door and someone will come to the door to take your temperature and to ask you questions before you can enter the office. This is to protect you, the staff and the office from infection. If you need to speak with Dr. Dore she is available on the portal, on the phone or via Telehealth visits 7 days per week. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the office if you have any needs or questions at this very stressful time. If our policy changes we will have regular updates on the portal. We are all looking forward to when life returns to normal but meanwhile, we are here for you. Dr Dore and staff.

*** Important Office Update, effective 3/20/2020 ***

Important Office Update, effective 03/20/2020. Dr. Dore has made the very difficult decision to close the office for in office patient visits for at least the next 3-4 weeks. She will still be available for Telehealth and phone visits if desired/needed. Pilar and Lynette will be in the office to help me take care of your needs during this period of time. We will answer your questions, refill your prescription, obtain prior authorizations for your medications if needed and provide advice as always but on the phone or on the portal rather than in person. I look forward to getting back to business as usual once it is safe for all of us. Please practice social isolation and proper hand washing techniques. As always, Dr. Dore is concerned about your health and safety.