GE Densitomerty MachineWe offer Bone Densitometry Testing

(A.K.A. Bone Density Testing, BMD Testing, DEXA Scans, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, Osteoporosis Screening)

  • Central DXA measurements for Clinical Evaluation, diagnosis and serial monitoring testing
  • Site Measurement Capabilities: GELunar Prodigy System
    • PA Lumbar Spine
    • Femur(s)
    • Wrist/Forearm
    • Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA), Lateral Vertebral Assessment (LVA)
    • Total Body Composition
  • Clinical Research Protocols
  • Investigational Research Purposes: Total Body, hand scan(s) capabilities
  • Strict Instrument Quality Control Procedures Implemented
    • Expert Densitometrist: Robin K. Dore, MD, CCD
    • Expert Technologist: Alfonso C. Soriano, CBDT

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. Osteoporosis and/or low bone mass may increase fragility of bones and compromise bone strength that may result in a bone fracture(s).

What is a bone densitometry test?

A bone density test is a non-invasive, painless examination that uses low doses of X-Ray to measure the density of bones. There are various types of bone density tests. Central DXA, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry is used at our office. DXA tests may take scans of parts of the body, such as the spine, hip(s) and/or wrist.

See some of the Densitometry images below:


PA Spine


Dual Femurs




Vertebral Fracture Assessment


Total Body Composition

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